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Having recently been broken into the world of whisk(e)y, on Johnnie Walker Blue Label, no less, I’ve rounded up a pile of airplane bottles of the stuff to give a try. At present, here’s the list:

Jack Daniels No. 7
Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Knob Creek
Maker’s Mark
Woodford Reserve

Crown Royal
Crown Royal [Special] Reserve


Scotch (Blended):
Johnnie Walker Red Label
Johnnie Walker Black Label (12yr)
Dewar’s White Label (12yr)
Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Scotch – Single Malt
Glenlivet 12
Macallan 12

I’m limited at the moment by what I can find in airplane bottles (or at least, ones not costing $30/bottle). I don’t really want to try the bottom-shelf ones, although if I can find them then I may.

My plan is to take each one and divide it in half. The first half will be mixed with one ice cube and tasted immediately (quasi-neat) and then about five minutes later. The second half will be mixed with whichever cola I wind up choosing for the test and evaluated that way (even the single malts).

What will come of this? I have no idea. Johnnie Walker, for instance, in theory has a hierarchy, but in practice it’s more like each one has a niche. Some may be great in cola but awful on their own; others may always just be second-team. I know from experience that one of the better ones on this list is on my “Definitely Skip” list, but I’ll give it another go for the sake of the test.

By no means am I a pro at this; if you’re reading, definitely leave comments. Is there a whisk(e)y that is awful on ice but wondrous chilled and neat? Is there something that, paired with Cherry Coke Zero, will be the best thing ever? These are things I need to know!