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You know Crown Royal; it’s the Canadian whisky that looks like perfume, comes in a purple bag, and is present everywhere.

First Impressions: Acidic, with an sweet air inside my mouth and nose. Hits my brain immediately.
Five Minutes In: Still kind of thin, although not as spiky as before. It feels almost like a suspension, as though all the liquor were wrapped in a thin layer of water. Maybe even business-like: it’s not really enjoyable, but it’s not unpleasant and seems kind of orphaned when by itself.

With Diet Pepsi: This could be dangerous, as it’s virtually impossible for me to taste the Crown in here. Adds the very barest maple base to a normally sharp drink, improving both immeasurably.

Aftertaste: You can tell you’ve had it, but with an “unfinished” taste. It’s like you want more, but that’s all there is. There’s a lingering simmering on the tongue and very mild heat in the throat, but nothing too notable.

Cost per Airplane Bottle:

Verdict: Drinkable. Not great, but probably a good staple to have around for mixing. There’s a reason people as for Crown & Coke and not Crown, Neat or Crown on the Rocks. I didn’t try it, but I suspect it would actually be a decent complement to a mild cigar, as too much flavor isn’t good but a bit here and there can go a long way.


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