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Monthly Archives: July 2009

As part of an ongoing series, I present to you music that is definitely worth your time:

So far as I know, the only way to get the song is to buy the album. I don’t usually go much for soundtrack music, though, so we’ll se how I manage to get my hands on a recording of this.


Maybe I’m just a crankypants, but these “Man With A Gun” posts, being along the lines of “Today, a man with a gun went to the grocery store and not one got shot,” were funny and instructive the first time but have since gotten to be a bad in-joke. I’m as in favor of carrying as anyone, but the joke’s gotten old*.

*And this is coming from someone who still makes “Liquor? I hardly even KNOW her!” jokes.

Having decided to play 922(r) Compliance Bingo, I hit up my local gun show this weekend. Needing a gas port (because the pin retaining the handguard won’t budge on my current one…), gas piston, operating rod, and wanting a brass deflector, I was successful on the latter two and failed utterly on the first two. I also managed to find a Picatinny-to-swivel adapter and folding front grip that weren’t made in China, which was a minor miracle.

I’ve found some great deals on 7.62×39 ammo lately (although I missed the $270/1000rds Wolf until after I’d spent what cash I had*), yet the SKS is the only gun I have in that venerable caliber and it’s not exactly a good fit to someone of my height and wingspan. I’m toying with the idea of getting a dedicated upper for the AR lower I just built, and I probably would’ve bought an AK if prices weren’t laughable**, but it occurred to me that maybe my best option would be to get a new stock for the SKS instead. It’s not like the SKS is stock; I’ve already added a recoil buffer, Scout Scope mount, and Bushnell HoloSight in my never-ending quest to turn it into something slick.

Ammo was about what you’d expect: 10% underpriced, 10% about right, and 80% overpriced***. I bought 1260 rounds of surplus Yugoslavian 7.62×39 in an absurdly unergonomic box, plus two boxes of Czech surplus 7.62×25 at $8/40rds in weathered paper boxes. For whatever reason, the sales guy couldn’t understand why I wanted to buy that ammo at $8/40 instead of the the larger box at $16/72. I tried to explain the math to him; his argument was that the package was bigger and therefore better. With a decided “Hmm,” I asked another associate to ring up the two boxes of 40rds for me. I’m thinking that this ammo is M48, and my plan is to test it against my Winchester Metric (made in Czech Republic) and Prvi Partizan (Serbian); hopefully, all three will have similar ballistics.

This gun show seemed a little different. Virtually no t-shirts or jerky were for sale at all, and there seemed to be a lot fewer random junk dealers around****. I almost picked up the Don’t Tread on Me bumper sticker I’ve been wanting for my truck, but out of principle I refuse to buy anything from the guys with the Nazi flags on the wall.

There was actually some .380acp present, but at $25/50, I think I’ll pass.

*Some guy came up to the place where I bought the 7.62×25, complaining that the guy was selling 7.62×39 for $370/1000 of Wolf when the other guy across the building was selling it for $100 less. I’m not sure what he wanted. The seller told him that if he found a better deal then he ought to buy it; the buyer just complained some more. At first I had thought that perhaps the other seller had run out, but when I went over there a few minutes later I saw that, for whatever insane reason, he still had 1500rds left. Weird.
**A WASR-10 frankly just isn’t worth $469, no matter how much you praise it. The Saigas are nice, but I wanted a pistol grip and don’t have a decade to wait before TAPCO can alter it.
***This is the normal ratio for most stuff at a gun shop or, for that matter, Gander Mtn.
****However, as I was looking for random SKS parts, this was oddly disappointing.