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I think one of the secrets to keeping a database of how much ammo you have on hand is to not have eighty-billion brands lying around. I have a case each of Wolf and Barnaul 7.62×39, but excluding that probably 2/3 of my ammo is WWB. However, due on one hand to having to get whatever I can find (which is why I have at least four brands of .380 right now) and on the other to an ill-advised period of experimentation with .22lr ammo, my spreadsheet is LONG.

Really, I’m happy with WWB for any centerfire handgun practice ammo. It’s cheap, (relatively) plentiful, and easy to ID on the shelf. Speer Lawman looks impressive, but is hard to find and only comes in 50-rd boxes. Prvi Partizan makes me feel happy*. Other than that, I don’t really care about other brands.

As for rimfire, I avoid Remington and Winchester at all costs. Federal for bulk and CCI for specialty (Stinger, CB Long, Mini-Mag, Shotshell) are fine by me.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll just gather up my miscellaneous ammo and use it for when I take new shooters, reserving my favorite brands for a stash.


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