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So after hitting up four gun shops, Bass Pro, and three Wal-Marts today, I wound up with:

300 rounds Wolf 7.62×39
60 rounds of WWB hollow-point .38spl
100 rounds of Prvi Partizan .380acp
27 rounds of Blazer .380acp (yes, a partially-used box was all they had in stock)
250 rounds of CCI Stinger .22lr
999 rounds of Winchester .22lr
300 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag .22lr
1575 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet .22lr

The store with the Prvi Partizan .380acp actually seems to have more in stock, but at $30 per 50rds, I wasn’t in a mood to hoard. Also, this is the third non-Commie caliber I’ve seen from Prvi Partizan lately, after the 9mm and .38spl at other stores. The Bass Pro near me actually has Remington UMC .223 in stock at $10 per 20rds and 525rd boxes of Remington Golden Bullet for, I think, $20. I think that’s about all the ammo I’m going to buy for the rest of the year unless I can come across some 9mm or .45acp at non-horrendous prices. I already had to sell the Mateba to fund ammo, and also a Spike’s Tactical .22lr conversion. I’ve now got about 1,000 rounds of .223, 2,000 rounds of 7.62×39 (half of them hollow-points!), 1,000 rounds of 9mm, 1,000 rounds of .45acp, 350 rounds of .380acp, and who-knows-how-many rounds of .22lr. Even with that, I think the Savage Mk II, the converted AR, and the converted 1911 are going to see a lot of use. I have no idea when ammo will next become widely available, so taking my friends shooting is going to become a lot more about accuracy and fundamentals and a lot less about letting them experience the boom.

I did hear another interesting thing at one of the stores. There was a very nice older lady behind the counter (with a gold-appointed snub-nosed revolver on her hip) who told me, when I mentioned that at least they had a lot of shotgun shells in stock, that this was all from last season and that they hadn’t been able to get anything new all year. If you’re like me, you’ve noticed that stores seem to be virtually overflowing with shotgun shells, even as they completely lack anything other than .17hmr and .500S&W. If this is about to change, it may be worth picking up a couple boxes of buckshot and a few 100rd boxes of birdshot if you’re into clays. As before, only a few stray bags of shotgun primers were available, and except for the one store mysteriously having a stockpile of .380acp, no one had anything in that caliber. If you really, really need ammo then the out-of-the-way hunting supply stores tend to have a few boxes of self-defense ammo in 9mm and .45acp, plus a few boxes of .40auto and .357Sig. Meanwhile, the clerk at the Wal-Mart where I snagged their last two boxes of Stingers said that they’d gotten a few cases of 9mm, .40auto, and .45acp at 10PM last night…and that at 10:10PM, a guy came in and bought the entire shelf’s worth. Incidentally, the clerk at the second Wal-Mart was incensed about this, as he said that the company has instituted a nationwide policy limiting customers to six boxes of ammo per day.

As for my female friends who are looking to buy guns, I’m not sure what to tell them. A Rough Rider with both .22lr and .22wmr cylinders is one option (and you could shoot the bazillion rounds of CCI CB Shorts inexplicably cluttering up the shelves), or maybe a Glock with a conversion slide. The days of being able to shoot 200 rounds of 9mm for practice a week are on definite hold. This may actually be a good thing, though, as I think we’d all benefit from dry fire practice.

In any case, I hope you’ve had luck in your own searches!


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