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Via Sebastian, I got to see details and a picture of the AR-50 Sarah Palin’s being given by the NRA. I don’t actually see the “white until Labor Day” thing as being too snarky; besides, you can bet that any number of folks are ready to provide a black AR of some kind for the winter months (although if they really wanted to give a valuable present, another box of .50 Beowulf rounds would probably go a long way).

I’m not sure if that’s an EOTech or a Bushnell Holosight; I probably would’ve used a scope instead of a red-dot, but then again, I need all the help I can get when it comes to off-hand accuracy. The buttstock, grip, and trigger guard (which is out of stock everywhere) all appear to be by Magpul, and the upper is by Alexander Arms, located just a stone’s throw from Virginia Tech. The detailing, obviously, is very nice, yet I can only hope this rifle actually sees some use and doesn’t just sit as a trophy.

As I noted in the comments to Sebastian’s post, wouldn’t it be great to see a picture of the Governor with this rifle in one hand and a dead example of Alaska megafauna at her feet in the 2012 election cycle? I’m already having to suppress an urge to put a Palin 2012 sticker on my truck; this news story doesn’t help at all…


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