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Monthly Archives: January 2009

All hail Wolfwood:

-over a dozen classmates taken shooting for their first time
-half-dozen classmates taken shooting for their second time, or first with pistols
-one friend who has decided to get a part-time job in order to take up shooting
-another friend who has decided to get her concealed carry permit and a handgun
-editorial written in college paper about RKBA
-two friends writing articles about going shooting for their first time in the same paper


“He will buck up the American people,” the aide said. “There’s a substantial dose of hope and inspiration in there.”

I leave to the gentle reader’s imagination what I thought.

I hereby pledge, tempting as though it may be, not to use the Obama symbol as a target at the firing range. Consider this a warm-up for Lent.

That said, you can have my (pre-ban) “No Thanks, Keep the Change” bumper sticker when you pry it from the bumper of my cold, dead truck*.

*Well, cold. It still runs fine.

I will take President Obama’s advice and “choose hope over fear.”

Seatbelts? Gone.
Four rules? Who needs ’em?
Looking before merging into oncoming traffic? We are the lane-changers we have been waiting for*.

There’s a proper place for fear. It’s why we don’t put our hand on a hot stove and why we became somewhat concerned about radical Islam a few years ago.

*…for which we have been waiting?

And for my next trick, I will turn a piece of Italian steel into several thousand pieces of lead, copper, and brass.

“Prostitution Free Zone” During Inauguration
U.S. House, Senate Hardest Hit