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I seem to have a lot of trouble sleeping.  Some of it is stress: I’m not sure of my job prospects, even though I don’t feel as though I’m aiming too high.  My grades aren’t very good (although my most recent batch gives me some more confidence).  I think a lot, and probably too much.  I get impatient: if I’m not asleep fifteen minutes after I go to bed, I usually give up.  Less sleep leads to more stress, plus digestion problems.

On the other hand, less sleep or fasting can also bring things into focus.  Stripping away that level of comfort brings clarity.  I don’t usually get much work done during times like this, but at least I usually get some done.  I’m actually about a day ahead of where I need to be right now, which for me is monumental.  Hopefully over this next weekend I can move even farther ahead.

Lord, please strengthen me.  Please don’t let me give in to the temptations that attend me after midnight but rather let me offer small sacrifices in faith of Your promise to Your children.  Please help me grow in discipline and get my life together.  Thank you for all these years of mercy and grace; please help me to reflect Your glory and testify to Your goodness and love to those around me.  Please help me to believe it, too, every moment of every day, and don’t let me ever fall into despair, for with You there is always hope.  I love You, Lord, and thank You for all Your blessings to me, my family, my friends, and this world.


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